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Meet MDOC.

Who we are. What we do.

MDOC Partners (pronounced Em-dock) is a boutique firm with over 30 years of combined experience developing training materials. We work with businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of industries to produce:

Our philosophy

You are the expert when it comes to your business. We are the experts when it comes to training. Our process is to work closely with content experts at your company to gather information, organize it, and then create training materials that are comprehensive and easy to learn from. No matter the subject matter, no matter what state your information is in now, we will build you an effective and engaging training program.

Working with clients nationwide

The MDOC team is based in Los Angeles and Houston. We have clients headquartered in Arizona, California, New York, and Texas, and work with their employees and content experts located throughout the country. No matter where your business is, we can work with you.

A small, dedicated firm

Working with a boutique firm like MDOC Partners has a number of advantages.

  • When the client calls, the boss picks up the phone.
  • We limit the number of clients we work with to give each one our fullest attention.
  • Our overhead is much lower than big firms. You will be paying for the work we produce, not our operational expenses.

Discover what MDOC can do for your company.

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You're the expert when it comes to your business.

We're the experts when it comes to training.

No matter the format, we deliver.

E-learning for the web or mobile devices

Many clients have incorporated some form of digital delivery into their training and development programs. MDOC has a great deal of experience developing e-learning projects, such as:

  • web-based apps to deliver training
  • Android and iOS apps built from the ground up
  • interactive trainings authored for an existing LMS
  • custom built learning management systems.

MDOC also has experience creating accessible web-based apps that are compatible with assistive technology, such as JAWS and NVDA.

Instructor-led trainings

Creating instructor-led trainings remains one of the most common projects we tackle. Materials that we create for instructor-led trainings often include:

  • instructor guides
  • participant guides
  • presentation materials, such as PowerPoint presentations
  • promotional materials, to publicize the trainings internally.

MDOC also provides train-the-trainer services and for select projects will deliver training to participants.

Printed user guides and manuals

At the core of every great training project is well written documentation that comprehensively covers the material. Documentation is the blueprint for everything we do. It can also be the final product for some clients. We create documents such as:

  • user guides
  • manuals
  • reference books
  • SOPs.

We also have extensive experience translating the materials we create into Spanish and French.

Tell us what you need for your training project

Working with clients nationwide.

Developing trainings for a wide variety of industries.

What makes us different?
We listen to the client.

For MDOC, listening is more than just being attentive when gathering content for a project. Listening is about learning what the client values. Knowing our clients' values means we can make their priorities our priorities. It means we become partners with our clients and create materials that perfectly match their expectations. Listening is why we have clients work with us again and again and again.

Have a project in mind? We'd love to listen to you. Send us an email and we'll get in touch.

MDOC Partners

What are your training needs?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, work samples are available on request. However, know that most clients wish to have their materials remain confidential because their trainings cover proprietary topics.

We are happy to show you examples of materials that relate to your project's format, but all sample materials are scrubbed of sensitive information, including the client's name.

As our client, rest assured we will treat the confidentiality of your materials and your company name with equal care and respect.

We can structure our pricing as either an hourly rate or a flat rate for the entire project.

Our hourly rate for developing training materials is $85/hour plus the cost of any materials. We charge $100/hour for facilitating trainings.

Flat rates are determined on a project-by-project basis.

We have worked with a wide of array of industries including:

  • oil and gas
  • transportation
  • commercial real estate development and management
  • education
  • manufacturing.

Within each industry, we tackle a variety of topics. Below is a partial list of subjects for which we have developed trainings:

  • accounting and reporting
  • construction
  • hardware and software
  • management skills
  • quality control
  • regulatory compliance
  • safety
  • sales
  • soft skills
  • sustainability practices
  • technical equipment
  • vendor management.

Don't see your industry or the topic of your training above? Don't worry. Our whole business is built on being able to develop trainings on any material for any type of client.


Our skill set is the ability to take any information, organize it, and then explain it to others.

We feel it is an advantage for us to come in knowing little about your business. It allows us to look at it with fresh eyes and learn it from the ground up. Once we know it, we understand what it will take to effectively communicate your information to your audience.

The short answer is that most work is done remotely. We often meet face-to-face with project managers at the beginning of a project and when a project is delivered. However, while a project is underway, we find ourselves interacting with content experts from around the country, and phone and online meetings are the most convenient form of communication for everyone.

When travel is necessary we arrange for it. But experience has shown us that most of our work will be done creating materials at our offices.

Regardless what form the final deliverable takes, e-learning app, instructor-led training, or printed manual, our work flow is basically the same for all projects.

  1. Interview the client to understand the full scope of the project.
  2. Create what we call a "table of contents" for the project, that lists all of the project's topics.
  3. Work with your content experts to create a well-written, well-formatted document that contains all the training's content. This document will act as a blueprint for all other materials created. It allows both MDOC and the client to know that all the pertinent information has been collected and understood.
  4. Create all the materials for the project, such as, apps, websites, PowerPoint presentations, manuals, etc.
  5. Deliver the training and perform train-the-trainer sessions if necessary.

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